A. Description of Project

MedTech: A Center of Entrepreneurship in the field of MediElectronics and Health Informatics. This novel initiative is
being set up by consortia comprising of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), SGPGI Lucknow,
Department of IT and Electronics, Government Of UP, Association Of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED ),
Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) .The objectives of opening the same are to boost start-ups in the field
of medical equipment/electronics & health informatics, and, to contribute to “Make-in-India” & “Digital India”
programs of Govt. of India by reducing Health Care Equipment imports and recognize the value of Health Care
Equipment & Technology locally. Apart from physical infrastructure, the CoE will have the access to
Technocrat/Medical practitioners mentorship, mentorship programs and VC fundings.

B. Role – Purpose of Mentors

Mentors in MedTech -CoE as well as in other initiatives of STPI across India are on the “Pro Bono” basis. The
mentor pool(more than 150 eminent personalities) across India has been created based on the experience and
enthusiasm of the mentors willing to serve their region/state/nation by contributing their respective
expertise/knowledge to young entrepreneurs/startups for building the nation’s economy.

C. Objectives

The mentorship program aims to:

(a) Technical mentoring & support by in-house Team and by partners

(b) Access to financial resources (angel funding, seed funding, VC etc).

(c) Access & support towards networking & marketing activities .

(d) Start-up eMarket Place” for promoting startup products

(e) Showcasing the prototype design to the business community through various events/workshops to
further enhance or soliciting the inputs to improvise the product for marketing.

(f) Early engagement of partners from the Academia, Industry, Start-ups and Venture

(g) Capitalists for guiding & supporting the start-ups during the idea development phase. Where
required, arrange one to one meeting with the start-ups and angel/seed/VCs for recognising the
start-up potential.

(h) Conducting exclusive workshops inviting VCs for connecting start-ups for exploring funding

(i) Conduct session on importance of patent filing for inculcating the culture of IPR & providing legal
assistance in the direction.

(j) Conducting Technology workshops from Global Leaders of Technology Companies in this
electronics field.

(k) Working with the Government for exploring possibility of using the product/solutions developed by
start-ups grown under CoE for providing services in e-Governance, Smart Cities, Digital India
opportunities etc.

(l) Create awareness about the CoE amongst STP units and publishing the product/solutions
information of the start-ups on the website, leverage social media for publicity of the CoE, connect
start-ups and the prospective users, leverage electronic and print media so-as-to invite applications
from innovative medical electronics and health informatics start-ups.

(m) To identify start-ups working towards a solution/outstanding software products for futuristic
problems/emerging ICT technology/Societal problems.

(n) To promote identified start-ups through technical and financial support and provide them training
on business solutions/mentoring support/plug-n-play facility and preferable a small challenge grant.

(o) To provide a vibrant software product ecosystem to complement the robust IT Industry for
continued growth, new employment and to enhance competitiveness.


D. Expectations

Mentors are expected to:

1. Provide guidance and support to participants.

2. Keep the participants in communication with each other, facilitate dialogue and cross-fertilize
ideas between them, while enabling an ambiance of open communication and trust between

3. Respond timely to requests from mentees and have meetings with them.

4. Participate in a coordination webinar.

5. Create a personal plan for action with mentees and develop an activity timeline.

6. Transmit their knowledge and experience to mentees in order to help them develop strategies
for taking global action.

7. Encourage participants to have ongoing commitment to aims and goals of the projects.

8. Provide feedback to the project coordinator on the process and activities of their mentees.

9. To support the organization, production, and dissemination of the project’s Webinars.

10. The commitment to document and submit communication and ideas to the project team.

11. Mentors serve without remuneration.

12. Mentors have the right, and are also expected, to use the project, its data and findings to
promote their own research, projects, or activities on the conditions explained below.


E. Benefits for Mentors
Being a mentor means having the opportunity to get involved in an exciting project and to create a network
with a group of young global activists.
The individuals involved can enhance their guidance and facilitation skills and gain experience in mentoring.
Mentors will benefit from having access to their respective group of mentees plus their shadow
participants. They can create a task-force which will work on their agenda and take advantage of these
networks to collect data, to promote ideas and implement projects.

The only conditions are:

1. The above activities have to be in line with the overall vision and mission of the project.

2. The Coordinator(s) of the project must be informed and approve the actions.

3. The project must be acknowledged.


F. If you want to apply for one of the mentorship program you must:

1. Fill in the online application form.

2. The right of the project team to use video clips and messages produced by the mentor.

3. The obligation to inform the project team prior to any unilateral use of project data or contacts
and also acknowledged in any relevant events, products or publications.


G. Mentor Profile

Kinds of mentors are as below:

  • 1. Business Mentoring.
  • 2. Technical Mentoring.
  • 3. Clinical Trial.
  • 4. Go-to-Market.
  • 5. Any other (Please Specify).