Image of Arficus Private Limited
Arficus Private Limited
AI-Based COVID-19 Diagnostic tool
Image of Vyom Smart Classes Foundation
Vyom Smart Classes Foundation
Android application which connects patients with approved medical care professionals.
Image of Dectrocel Healthcare And Research
Dectrocel Healthcare And Research
AI products for Pulmonary Screening, Child Pneumonia
Image of Remedbooks Technologies
Remedbooks Technologies
Health Informatics/EHR
Image of Medblue Innovations Private Limited
Medblue Innovations Private Limited
Our solution to this problem is an easy-to-use compact product BiliSURE which is capable to take into account the level of melanin at the subcutaneous level and negate the same to account for accurate measurement of bilirubin.
Image of ONELearning Edusphere Pvt Ltd
ONELearning Edusphere Pvt Ltd
Making Manual & Robotics based Affordable & Realistic Healthcare Simulators to setup Advanced Healthcare Skill Labs under Make in India Initiative.
Image of Imagene Innolab LLP
Imagene Innolab LLP
We design, develop and produce imaging instruments for molecular biology research and medical diagnosis.
Image of Manodayam Private Limited
Manodayam Private Limited
AI/ML based first-line support to mental health seekers
Image of Littlemachines Private Limited
Littlemachines Private Limited
designed and developed an ultra-low-cost digital slide scanning device for telepathology.
Image of Logicboots Private Limited
Logicboots Private Limited
AI enabled autonomous Robotic Nurse is a multitasking Robot which Predict the Heart/Lungs/Respiratory problem.
Image of Yolo E-Commerce Private Limited
Yolo E-Commerce Private Limited
App based Communication between Patient and Hospital
Image of Sourish Haldar
Sourish Haldar
In our product we will introduce cloud-based health care support.
Image of Dr. Ayush Singh
Dr. Ayush Singh
They provide rapid, professional and evidence-based emergency medical care for all citizens with immediate access by an app universal phone number.
Image of Jya Infottech
Jya Infottech
Designing and developing smart shoes for visually impaired people.
Image of Pulmocare Medical System Pvt. Ltd.
Pulmocare Medical System Pvt. Ltd.
Our product is fixed with high doze of UV-C, sufficient enough to kill the bacteria and virus within a fraction of second.
Image of Dhiraj Singh
Dhiraj Singh
Ease of compatibility, No need of any external power source ,Presence of utility ports to enhance visualizationDesign based on a traditional Macintosh laryngoscope.
Image of Machenn Innovations
Machenn Innovations
Machenn is a virtual reality-based healthcare equipment training and simulation platform.
Image of Workboat Media Pv. Ltd. (Upchar)
Workboat Media Pv. Ltd. (Upchar)
A panel providing facility to book appointments online for all medical services.
Image of Botsinred Technologies Private Limited
Botsinred Technologies Private Limited
Designed and developed product - PODS which stands for Pill Organization and Dispensing System.
Image of Anshika Srivastava
Anshika Srivastava
The Software will simulate the estimated absorbed dose for each body organ and also the estimated effective dose, for the most commonly used radioactive drugs used in cancer diagnostic and therapy.
Image of Saharsh Panda
Saharsh Panda
Our solution is embedded device that does that is an amalgamation of Object detection and Navigation so that visually impaired can move independently.
Image of Dr. Amit Keshri
Dr. Amit Keshri
The Face Doc - An AI BASED will be point of care Diagnostic tool for Diagnosis, Etiology and grading of Facial Palsy and also for follow up for recovery and progression of facial paralysis over time.